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my sisters

Magic is

held here 


the year of the maiden

It is time for us to come together and set our roots as a community of like-minded women. This sacred community of trust, love and empowerment has been cultivated and valued among women for all time.


2024 we begin, again. 

This year at Magic Held Here we will approach mindfulness and magic through the phase of The Maiden. By beginning, or returning, to a state of excitement. Together we will learn and grow. Even if you come to class or circle with years of knowledge, this is the time you drop what you know and approach each experience as something new. As the student and as The Maiden craving knowledge, understanding and experiences. We come together to explore magic within and around us.


The time is now Sisters. 

- jessie 

Pink Grain Wall

Visualize yourself.

Sitting across the table of the

Village Healer.

Walking to the
Wise Woman's cottage.

Entering the tent of the
Fortune Teller.

Wandering through the forest with the Medicine Woman.

I am here for you

we are here for you


we make magic


class schedule

Magic (14).png

Join the

Do you wish to engage with women on a spiritual level?

To be free to share the magical witch that you are without fear of judgement?

Magic Held Here provides a sacred social platform for us to live in our truth and share our journey as we study the path of the Triple Goddess.

Complete the Initiation

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