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magic happens

When Women Gather

Women of all ages and paths are welcome to join in community and connection. 

I open my homestead as a way of honoring the women before us. A shift happens with the anticipation of a gathering, the chaos becomes muted and the serenity unfolds.

When we take our first breath together the space settles and becomes sacred. 

What does sacred mean?

We each have our own definition of this word, as we should since it holds beautiful power. My definition of sacred is the connection to the divine, to nature, to God, to the higher-self, to each other and to your individual belief.

Women's Circles

A Women's Circle is a safe and welcoming space for women to come together. Each month, we approach different topics, from manifesting abundance to working everyday magic. Through journaling, meditation, and practice we explore a deeper understanding of ourselves. Joining a circle gives you the opportunity to come together with the women in your life and to meet new soul sisters. Our circle is expanding, we are growing and new women are joining each month. I feel in my heart and in my bones that this is what is needed. Here. Now.

When like-minded women come together the universe listens.

This year each circle will embrace and embody the phase of The Maiden.

We will approach learning and coming together with bright and eager eyes. 

Women's Circle Offerings

I lead by honoring the cycles of nature and the flow of the universe. I offer a safe and nurturing space where we can learn to connect with the divine feminine, and use the lessons of the maiden, mother, and crone to deepen our understanding and practice. From the moon cycle and crystals, to tarot and chakras, we explore a range of topics to deepen the connection between the self and the natural world. 2024 will focus on the path of the Maiden, but as we are continuously flowing through the phases of the Goddess, the Mother and Crone teachings will make their appearance as well. 

A Triple Goddess Path to

mindfulness and magic

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We enter the path with curiosity, with the ability to drop what we know and approach with wide and eager eyes. We pick up the notebook and pen, here is where the practice begins.


We are all Mother to something or someone outside of ourselves. This is where the development and creation happens. The dream career, the art piece that came from your soul or in the literal sense a small human.

On our learning path we continue to grow our knowledge and our practice by nurturing, acting with intent and tapping into our intuition.


We often view the Crone as the end, a conclusion. Here we embrace the Crone as a Wise Woman and Teacher of the path. This woman is within all of us and is developed with deep study and experience.


Women's Retreats

My retreats and workshops are focused on providing women with tools and experiences that expand their spiritual practices and to unleash the magic within. The August Summer Retreat is now in it's planning stages.

Day Retreats and Intimate Events will be announced as they are confirmed.

-Sulyn Bennett-Hennessy

Retreat is nothing short of an oasis of love and support. A place of acceptance and open hearts to release what no longer serves you and work on whatever you are ready for. Food, sound, circle, and space— all made for healing what you didn’t realize needed to be healed. One of the best parts is the talents everyone shares.

Sisterhood is at the core of Magic Held Here. I create experiences that go beyond just one day of celebration, but rather deepen the connection between you and the women in your life.

Check out my favorite categories to lead!

Intimate Events

magic made for you

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The mindful Bride

Experience the benefits of mindfulness with our Mindful Bride yoga session. I will lead you and your bridal party through a series of poses designed say goodbye to pre-wedding stress and strengthen your bonds with friends before celebrating your big day!

Blessing Way

A Blessing Way is a special ceremony to support the mother-to-be and honor the magic and power that we hold as women. This is a loving and memorable way to celebrate the journey of motherhood and create a keepsake that will last a lifetime. This is a celebration of life and love as you prepare for the arrival of your baby surrounded by the women that not only have influenced your life, but will be the village you need as you navigate motherhood.

Celebrate & Connect

Looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or simply honor your friendships? Let's create a personalized blend of mindfulness and magic. Whether it's a birthday, housewarming, or celebrating a new beginning after divorce, I am excited to work with you to design the perfect gathering!

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